composite materialsfor additive manufacturing

Creating a prototype is always a challenge. It involves stepping over the limits of knowledge and experience. The Additive Manufacturing represents the most advanced technique in obtaining, quickly, the finished testing model.
CRP Technology's Research & Development department has developed the range SLS material WINDFORM, which are used for Additive Manufacturing. WINDFORM is a product which allows the creation of perfectly functional prototypes for more multiple applications.
WINDFORM is a unique composite material within the Additive Manufacturing sector.
WINDFORM puts your imagination to the test with it's countless potential applications.


Windform XT 2.0 is the top performing sls material

Comparison Chart

Research carried out by the Surrey Space Centre shows Windform XT2.0 to be the leading performing laser sintering material for ultimate strength per density. See Windform XT2.0 technical chart

Mercedes AMG PETRONAS uses the additive manufacturing material of CRP Technology: Windform XT 2.0. It represents the evolution of Windform XT.
Windform XT 2.0 is the high-tech material for Additive Manufacturing chosen by those working in motorsport, as it allows applications that are fully functional, as well as bench testing, or wind tunnel testing and racing on the track.
The material is available as powder, ready to be processed by the SLS machines. Windform XT 2.0 allows for the creation of accurate, reliable and durable prototypes and it is perfect for functional applications not only in motorsport field, but also in the automotive, air (for components UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) aerospace and design.
CRP Technology once again demonstrates the reliability and high quality of its materials and its leadership in additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing in the USA

The Laser Sintering (LS) market has grown and so has CRP business. The Italian based group is a leader in LS technology and it is well-known for the Additive Manufacturing materials called Windform. They also strengthened the presence in the US market with the company CRP USA that is equipped with a rapid manufacturing department.
CRP USA is strategically located in the heart of NASCAR country in North Carolina, and specializes in additive manufacturing and 3D printing applications. CRP USA manufactures on-car and wind tunnel components for racing teams. It has taken this expertise to new heights to produce parts for the space (Satellite and CubeSat structures), entertainment and automotive industries using its proprietary Windform and additive manufacturing.