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3d sug con crp usa

18th April 2011
CRP USA attended this years 3DSUG and gave presentations on both the new WINDFORM XT 2.0 and also the RAMPART CubeSat project.
Stewart Davis, Director of Operations gave an update on the new WINDFORM XT 2.0 to the attendees at the Laser Sintering materials discussion.

The presentation highlighted the improved strength and flexural modulus, while maintaining the properties required for reliable sintering.

This was followed by a presentation on the construction of the RAMPART CubeSat, that was well received by the attendees. The project shows the potential when creative people can collaborate with a cutting edge Laser Sintering materials to push the concept of Additive Manufacturing to great heights!

History was also made at the event as well, when the members present chose to move the User Group forward and to accept new technologies made by manufacturers. In addition a new name was adopted, Additive Manufacturing User Group.
CRP Technology and CRP USA were glad to participate in this historic event.

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