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Bebop 2, the first "leisure drone" in Windform GT

Bebop 2, the first leisure drone in Windform GT

16 June 2016
The body, built with Selective Laser Sintering technique, combines excellent aesthetic results in excellent resistance to impact and temperature changes.

Reinforced composite materials that were used in the construction of on-car and wind tunnel parts and components for racing teams have taken the technology of 3D Printing to new heights to produce parts for the entertainment industry and consumers.
Parrot Bebop 2 combines robustness and reliability in a lightweight and compact drone.

Parrot has developed the final Bebop 2 version with the help of Windform GT material.
The first Bebop 2 structure was built on injected parts made with polyamide based glass reinforced composite material.
Then Parrot moved to SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology in collaboration with CRP Technology in order to optimize the structure performance without developing long lead time and high cost injection tooling, accelerate iteration generation, improve manufacturing time, facilitate production in series.

The Bebop 2 parts in Windform GT are the main structure (central body) and all singles arms.

Parrot has established that the natural frequencies of the parts made with Windform GT were quite similar to those of parts obtained by injection molding technique applied to glass fiber reinforced polyamide.

Parrot validated that natural frequencies of parts manufactured with Windform GT material were similar to injected parts with polyamide based glass reinforced composite material. Combined to FE analysis Parrot has reduced dramatically the development time.

Windform GT proved the only material for 3D Printing technologies able to overcome the accidental fall of tests carried out by Parrot's technicians.

Parrot highlights others advantages obtained with Additive Manufacturing and Windform GT material: make small batches of production with acceptable mechanical properties to provide functional products to the team (i.e. very helpful to develop others product’s functionalities like flying performances), good aesthetics feature.

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