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16th November 2010
In Bologna the CRP Group will not only represent green motorsport, but also the Moto2 of ADV, the AT02, example of a collaboration at engineering level with the CRP group that is taking part at the MotoGP 2010. In addition, CRP Technology will present the new material for  additive technology (Additive Manufacturing), the WINDFORM XT 2.0, which represents an evolution of the prestigious and excellent WINDFORM XT, the strongest SLS powder of the WINDFORM family.

One of the exciting items in the CRP booth will be the electric racing motorcycle, the eCRP 1.2, that will also be on track for a demonstration tests at the Motor Show area hall 48 on December 2 at 11:00, to give visitors the pleasure to see personally the first Italian racing motorbike winner of the European championship title with the rider Alessandro Brannetti.

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