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The new face of Additive Manufacturing

The new face of Additive Manufacturing

17 February 2015
Windform GT and Windform LX 2.0 have been used to create the top collection of face mask Mater.

Mater is the high-end collection of face masks in 3D Printing and Windform materials. Customized on the 3D face scan of the wearer, these masks are produced as single pieces through CRP Technology's additive manufacturing and Windform materials.

This project has been carried out by CRP Technology as technological supplier and Carapace team composed of artists and intellectuals. Carapace represents customized face masks and it is inspired by the microstructure of crustaceans' and insects' exoscheletons.

Biodigitally grown through a generative simulation, it differentiates objects‘ areas allowing to modulate their structure, stiffness, permeability.

Free-form design, custom-made solutions and the ability to build superior face masks can be obtained by using the combination of additive manufacturing and Windform materials.

Carapace Project:

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