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Windform 3D-printed yacht on display at Compotec

Windform 3D-printed yacht on display at Compotec

3 February 2015
From 4th to 6th February Compotec show will take place in Massa Carrara at the Faire District. This year visitors will have the chance to see the prototype of Livrea26: the 3D-printed yacht made in Windform and Additive Manufacturing by CRP Technology.
The company has built the yacht according to the design of Livrea Yacht Italia. A partnership that will be describe at the workshop scheduled on 5th February Hall D at 1.00 pm.

The project of Livrea26 confirms how the technology of 3D printing and additive manufacturing can open new paths thanks to Windform.
New products can be created and developed, the technology of additive manufacturing together with the Windform reinforced laser sintering materials can lead to functional prototypes. They can be used in several fields as the workshop will illustrate at Compotec.

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