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Windform materials at Milan Design Week 2015 with Mater and Livrea26

Windform materials at Milan Design Week 2015 with Mater and Livrea26

9 April 2015
Carapace Mater masks by Carapace Project and the prototype Livrea26, the 3d-printed yacht designed by Livrea Yacht Italia will be displayed at the Design Week in Milan from April 14th to 19th at Via Tortona 37.
Carapace Mater and Livrea26 are two meaningful examples of Windform application.

Mater is the high end line of Carapace Project's collection of products. Customized on the 3d face scan of the wearer, these masks are produced with the technology of additive manufacturing, 3d printing in Windform. The Windform materials are also suitable for this kind of application. The Mater masks are made with Windform LX 2.0 and Windform GT - polyamide-based materials reinforced with glass fibers. Free-form design, custom-made solutions and the ability to build superior face masks can be obtained by using the combination of additive manufacturing and Windform materials.

Livrea26 is a 1:14 scale model of a yacht that expresses the true essence of 3D printing technology combined with Windform materials, designed and developed by CRP Technology. A design that brings traditional and contemporary elements together, combining futuristic materials and building techniques.
The Livrea26 integrates cutting-edge design solutions and choices that maximise performance and simplify management for simpler boat handling.

Carapace Mater and Livrea26 will be displayed at Design Week in Milan from 14 to 19 April at Tortona District.

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