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Windform Laser Sintering materials have passed outgassing screening at NASA


18th April 2013
Windform LX 2.0, Windform XT 2.0, Windform GT and Windform SP have passed outgassing tests that have been carried out at NASA.

The result states: Materials were tested in accordance to the ASTM E-595-07 standard and are considered passing.

Thanks to the activity carried out by CRP USA, Windform materials have been submitted to outgassing tests. The aim of these tests are very important especially when materials are used in space application. This test method covers a screening technique to determine volatile content of materials when exposed to a vacuum environment. This test is therefore fundamental in space applications as the outgassing of the material can change its mechanical and structural properties.

Windform materials have passed outgass testing and therefore are suitable for space application.

Testing performed by: Debbie Thomas, Senior Materials Engineer at Ball Aerospace supporting NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Click here to see the results of outgassing tests.

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