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Windform materials strengthen their presence in Europe

Windform materials strengthen their presence in Europe

5th October 2018

G.W.Consultancy is CRP Technology's new representative for Additive Manufacturing and Windform composite materials in German territory

"We are pleased to launch this new alliance – states Franco Cevolini, CEO and Technical Director at CRP Technology - This agreement will further strengthen our business relationship and it will act as an important step in introducing Windform materials to new customers throughout Germany".
Gerard Winstanley from G.W.Consultancy, states, "I am proud to work so closely with CRP Technology and to be involved with a company that provides such a great SLS material portfolio"

Windform family of high-performance composite materials are comprised of Windform XT 2.0 and Windform SP (Carbon-fiber reinforced), Windform GT and Windform LX 3.0 (Glass-fiber reinforced), Windform FX BLACK, Windform RL (thermoplastic elastomer), Windform GF 2.0 (Glass and Aluminium reinforced).
Windform materials are laser sintering materials for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing.
Windform composite SLS materials were born from the meticulous study and testing of the R&D department at CRP Technology.
Windform materials can satisfy the needs of the international market of Additive Manufacturing and can guarantee originality, innovation, reliability, and especially mechanical performance.
Windform materials make it possible to fabricate high performance parts for wind tunnel applications, as well as fully functional and beautifully finished parts for nearly endless applications.
Furthermore, Windform materials can be CNC machined to obtain excellent dimensional accuracy, speed up production and save time.

Find out more (on CRP Technology's website)

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