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CRP makes use of a sales planning system to ensure the best operational planning of marketing, production and R&D activities.

CRP sales planning has annual and quarterly cadence and involves recurrent exchanges of information between CRP and its agents/dealers and customers. Gathering and exchange information are important activities of mutual benefits for business development.

Such information enable CRP to set out the canvass programs including price and promotion policies for each period, as well as to plan production and to point out  R&D activity.

The Canvass promotion is based on market feedback, exchange rates and R&D results, in order to be always aligned with the state of the art of RP technology and to give the best service to our customers.

As a result of these studies, Sales Conditions and Price Promotion are revised every 3 months, so, please, check the latest Canvass Promotion file periodically, to be always updated on WINDFORM sales planning system.

Purchase from CRP

Selling conditions: Ex Works CRP-Modena warehouse, assistance for pick up in CRP-Modena warehose.

Sales promotion

CRP Technology publishes the new price list: the condition of raw materials market, that is suffering from a standard increase of the prices of 20%, strictly connected with the increase of the worldwide demand for high performance materials, has caused an upsurge in the production costs and so in the price list, but CRP is keeping the same price.

WINDFORM Sales Promotion

The reserved promotion allows to purchase all WINDFORM products under particularly advantageous terms, avoiding you to undergo to the same upsurge of the prices.

Purchase from retailers

For information please contact CRP Technology staff at the following email address:

Windform price list

  • Thanks to this exceptional and time limited offer, you will get Windform family products at a very advantageous price
  • Price list 2/2017