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Windform-approved: quality certification for service providers

Windform-approvedQuality certification for service providers

With a view to expansion, CRP Technology, the company which produces Windform materials for additive manufacturing, is selecting service providers which have specifically requested or which will specifically request the use of Windform powder for laser sintering technology. Only service providers who meet the requirements of the manufacturer will receive authorisation to use Windform powders and the certification "Windform-approved service provider".

In order to obtain this certification, the services using Windform products must show: they meet the quality standards required by the company in the supply of sintered parts to customers; they have scrupulously adhered to the procedures of use of the materials; they have undergone a period of training and education with CRP Technology trained personnel; that quality procedures as provided by CRP Technology have been complied with and verified through periodic audits. The aim is that of always ensuring the highest quality to its customers and the correct use of Windform materials. This principle is also to be considered valid for service providers who decide to use the materials of CRP Technology. Through this procedure, we want to continue to maintain the high quality of Windform products, considered top of the range in terms of performance in the field of powder for additive manufacturing on an international level.