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Technical dataWindform Full Service

Finally available the new exclusive service for WINDFORM best customers, called WFF: WINDFORM Full service. It is created overall for all WINDFORM powders' end users and it will surely interest all the owners of an SLS machine willing to sinter WINDFORM materials, in order to manufacture high performing particulars in the easiest way as possible. Here are the details.

The offer includes the installation and training on the customer's site of chosen WINDFORM materials, a User's guide with detailed and custom "tailored" description of the sintering process, configuration files for 3D Systems sinter stations and custom parameters on-site, both user's guide and configuration files available for download from the website too.

Moreover, a hot line will be available every working day from 9am to 7pm Italian time, as well as a remote connection with ultra VNC server/client, within 6 hours from enquiry where only the host (customer) will be able to open a connection and will be free to stop it whenever he wants. The client will actually see on his monitor what CRP's staff is doing. This is useful to understand the parts placement inside the building area, to have the right machine parameters, a "real monitor" to follow up all possible problems, and the upload/download of the files for new configuration files releases and other.

To complete this offer, there is also The WAL (WINDFORM ACCESSORIES LINE) with the cutting files-training (4 hours included in the installation), the Powder quality file (recyclability), the Tip & tricks (how to shift as quickly as possible from a material to another) and the Guide for 3D Systems machines, whose files and guides are available for download from the website with username and password too.

As optional, there is the safety pack, the kit finishing-training on customer's site (4 hours included the installation) and the performance kit.

Moreover, there is a "parts back-up" with a customized discount, for example in case of machine stop or sintering problems, and a special discount on annual material's scheduled supply.

The price of this innovative service is custom based, for further info feel free to contact CRP staff at the following e-mail:

All this means another step for a fastest and easiest work which means a continuous growth for WINDFORM users