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windform gt

3D printed generative and bespoke orthoses made in collaboration with Mhox. Material Windform GT
3D printed generative and bespoke orthoses made in collaboration with Mhox - material Windform® GT

Windform® GT is a polyamide based glass fiber reinforced composite material with a dark black color. After hand polishing, the material is smooth with a deep lustrous finish.

Windform® GT is a flexible product in the Windform® family of materials for additive manufacturing, not only aesthetically, but also in terms of performance.

Windform® GT combines the optimal characteristics of elasticity, ductility, and resistance to impact. Thus, it can be considered a highly valuable material in various racing and functional applications in regards to vibration and shock.
The material’s superior values in regards to impact strength and elongation at break, combined with its tensile and flexural strength, make it ideal for applications where resistance to “damage” is a prerequisite in order to preserve internal components in the event of impact and/or improper use.

Windform® GT is also a waterproof material, with resistance to the absorption of moisture and liquids. It is also very light with excellent mechanical properties per unit density.

Windform® GT is a not electrically conductive material.

Windform® GT has been rated HB according to the flammability UL 94 test.


  • Class of material
    Composite polyamide based material reinforced with glass fibers
  • Technology
    Selective Laser Sintering
    Additive Manufacturing
  • Main characteristics
    • Excellent characteristics of elasticity combined with high resistance to impact
    • High flexibility and resistance to damage
    • Not electrically conductive
    • Waterproof material


  • For automotive applications which require specific flexibility in the car and under the hood (such as snap fit components).
    For motorsports applications: air ducts, intake and cooling systems, hydraulic ducts in contact with liquids or oils, protective covers for sensors and for all applications that need flexibility and resistance to damage (for example: racing components near the ground).
    In medical field e.g. to manufacture tailor-made orthoses.

    These applications indicated are just examples. The versatility of the product combined with the technology used, allows for near endless possibilities.