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windform lx 2.0

3D printed steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Material Windform LX 2.0
3D printed steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters - material Windform® LX 2.0

Windform® LX 2.0 is a composite polyamide based material which is reinforced with a new generation glass fiber system. The properties of Windform® LX 2.0 make it particularly suited for functional applications, as well as finished complex parts.

Windform® LX 2.0 is a naturally black material which can be polished to a glossy finish, and is characterized by improved Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS), electrically insulative properties (CTI Rating of 600), and increased stiffness.

Windform® LX 2.0 is perfect for creating functional prototypes or finished parts that require functionality, resistance to high temperatures, and a captivating matte black color.


  • Class of material
    Composite polyamide based material reinforced with glass fibers
  • Technology
    Selective Laser Sintering
    Additive Manufacturing
  • Main characteristics
    • Not electrically conductive
    • High level of temperature resistance
    • Good surface finish in its sintered state


  • Covers, electronics enclosures, battery boxes, air intake systems, connectors, driver cockpit components (steering wheels, wheel-mounted paddle shifters, instrument clusters), cooling/ducted fans, UAV structural components, functional sports prototypes, design parts, stiff pieces for packaging and assembly line components, and other applications in the naval and aerospace industries.

    These applications indicated are just examples. The versatility of the product combined with the technology used, allows for near endless possibilities.

    Steering wheel mounted paddle shiftersIntake trumpet for racing engine