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windform gf 2.0

3D printed dragon toy prototype. Material: Windform GF 2.0
3D printed dragon toy prototype - material: Windform® GF 2.0

Windform® GF 2.0 is a composite material with a polyamide base, which is filled with glass and aluminium. These updated properties present improvements upon the previous Windform® GF formula with increases in thermal, mechanical and aesthetic properties.

Windform® GF 2.0 shows a significant improvement in the HDT (almost +8%), as well as increases in tensile strength and elongation strength, offering greater ductility than the previous version. This is useful for various racing applications and applications subject to vibrations.

Windform® GF 2.0 also has excellent mechanical properties per unit of density, thanks to its lighter weight.

Windform® GF 2.0 is a light grey color, with a radiant metallic sheen, which is appreciated in many design and wind tunnel applications.

Improvements in detail reproduction make Windform® GF 2.0 suitable for applications which require accurate and superior surface definition, such as for proof of concept parts, or for mock castings.


  • Class of material
    Composite polyamide based material reinforced with glass and aluminium
  • Technology
    Selective Laser Sintering
    Additive Manufacturing
  • Main characteristics
    • Light grey color
    • Entry-level material with good general mechanical and thermal characteristics
    • Excellent reproduction of details and accurate and superior surface definition


  • Objects of design and non-functioning models, prototype intake manifolds (intake and cooling ducts, air inlet systems), fuel systems, and household items (appliances, cabinetry, ornamentation and decoration).

    These applications indicated are just examples. The versatility of the product combined with the technology used, allows for near endless possibilities.