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windform RL

Energica electric motorbike 3D printed soft seat in Windform RL combined with seat plate in Windform GT for pre-production series
Energica electric motorbike 3D printed soft seat in Windform® RL combined with seat plate in Windform® GT for pre-production series

Windform® RL is a durable thermoplastic elastomer material with exceptional rubber-like distinguishing features.
Its mechanical characteristics make it particularly suited for Additive Manufacturing applications requiring complex geometries, and where flexible characteristics is a key requisite.
It shows excellent durability and stability: it accommodates chemicals and heat resistance and combines superior tear resistance with burst strength.

Windform® RL withstands repeated bending and deformation.
It allows to manufacture accurate, reliable, and long lasting prototypes and durable end-use parts.

Windform® RL assures high performance sealing power: Windform® RL Seal Infiltration enhances the strength at break and creates watertight barrier. It is available in a wide range of colours.


  • Class of material
    Thermoplastic Elastomer Material
  • Technology
    Selective Laser Sintering
    Additive Manufacturing
  • Main characteristics
    • Exceptional rubber-like distinguishing features
    • Excellent durability and stability
    • High performance sealing power
    • Superior tear resistance
    • Accurate and superior surface finish


  • Functional rubber-like prototypes and parts. Athletic footwear and equipment, and all those parts requiring flexibility and good shock absorption. Functional and F3 prototypes (prototypes to test form, fit and function).

    These applications indicated are just examples. The versatility of the product combined with the technology used, allows for near endless possibilities.