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windform sp

3D printed Automotive intake manifold functional prototype  - material Windform SP
3D printed Automotive intake manifold functional prototype - material Windform® SP

Windform® SP is a carbon fiber reinforced composite polyamide material characterized by a dark black color.

Windform® SP has excellent mechanical properties similar to Windform® XT 2.0, with the addition of increased resistance to shock, vibrations, and deformation. The material also shows increases in impact strength and elongation at break, as well as excellent thermal properties and resistance to high temperatures.

Windform® SP is a material with optimal mechanical properties per density units.

Windform® SP has waterproof properties, and is resistant to absorption of liquids and moisture.


  • Class of material
    Composite polyamide based material carbon filled
  • Technology
    Selective Laser Sintering
    Additive Manufacturing
  • Main characteristics
    • Top mechanical features
    • Excellent resistance to damage, vibration and deformation
    • Excellent thermal properties and resistance to high temperatures
    • Waterproof material
    • Material of choice for functional applications


  • Applications requiring resistance to impact, vibration, deformation, and high temperatures.
    Functional applications in Motorsports, Automotive (under the hood components such as intake manifolds) and Aerospace (components for UAV and UAS).
    Suitable material for dyno testing and on track testing.

    These applications indicated are just examples. The versatility of the product combined with the technology used, allows for near endless possibilities.