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The origins

Windform and CRP

Windform composite SLS materials were born from the study-research of R&D department of CRP Technology and international market needs.
The CRP Technology’s Additive Manufacturing department gathers market requests for more then 20 years and passes them to the R&D department. Who in turn develops new materials and services, through continuous innovation, to achieve always the maximum satisfaction of the service bureau, and gives the highest value for its final customers.
Windform is the ideal composite SLS material that is able to satisfy the needs of international market of Additive Manufacturing.

The SLS materials Windform can guarantee:

The Windform SLS composite materials guarantee:

A bit of history

CRP Technology created over the years various types of Windform, some of them are no longer available because they were replaced by the evolution of the family Windform, but they still remain in the history of Windform, the composite material of CRP Technology that has become the leader in the Additive Manufacturing.